GRACIÁN, Baltasar; Meditazioni sopra la santissima Comunione composte in Lingua Spagnuola dal padre Baldassarre Graziano della Compagnia di Gesù, e tradotta nell' idioma italiano da Francesco de Castro della medesima Compagnia

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Newsletter 19 (January, 2012)

Don't wait, work! ...

1. (AVIATION). Trade Catalogue La Locomotion Aérienne. Offert aux membres du Corps Médical par P. Longuet, Pharmacien de 1re Classe. La Livre d'Or de l'Aviation. (Preface by Georges Legagneux). (Paris, Pilules Debouzy, 1911). 22 x 18 cm. Original wrappers printed in blue and gold. 48 p. Printed in dark and light brown. Richly illustrated. First edition. Vertical fold. Backstrip partly worn. Lower cover a bit stained.

€ 100

* Very rare and fascinating book about aviation, especially between 1900 and 1910, offered as a trade catalogue for gall and liver medicines to physicians! The main text has been written by sportsman Marcel Viollette. Legagneux was a popular aviator.

2. (AVIATION). AIR SHOW Royal Air Force Display Farnborough, Hants. Friday 7th and Saturday 8th July (1950). London, R.A.F. Benevolence Fund, 1950. Original decorated wrappers. First edition. 56 p. With many nice advertisements for airplanes and their parts. Spot on upper cover, spine has a little wear, but a very good copy.

€ 15

* Colored wrappers showing a De Havilland Vampire airplane. Attractive, lavishly illustrated guide for the R.A.F. Display of July 7 and 8, 1950, with a lot of aerobatics by Vampires, Chipmunks, Meteors, Helicopters, an Olympia and a Spitfire. Also the Canberra, Vickers-Armstrong 510, De Havilland Venom, Hawker P. 1052, Hornet, Harvard, Boulton Paul Balliol, Slingsby Sedbergh, and even a Bleriot, Deperdussin, Blackburn and a Sopwith Pup.

3. (AVIATION). (WRIGHT Brothers). BIA, Geo. Les frères Wright et leur oeuvre. Rapport présenté à la Section Aeronautique de la Société Belge des Ingénieurs et Industriels. Illustré par Fox. [Liège], Imprimeries du journal La Meuse, [1909?]. 27 x 18 cm. Original illustrated wrappers. 56 p. With photos and drawings. First edition. Cover somewhat stained.

€ 200

* Rare illustrated report in French serving as advertisement for Wright Aeroplanes in Belgium.

4. (AVIATION). GAUVIN, J. En Ballon. Paris, Société Française d'Imprimerie et de Librairie, about 1895. 22 x 16 cm. Original boards. Illustrated. 16 p. Cover slightly worn, a bit foxed.

€ 25

* French children's book about balloons and 'dirigeables' or airships.

5. (AVIATION). MESSIER. Le spécialiste du train d'atterissage. (Airplane trade catalogue). Montrouge, Messier, [1935]. 28 x 21 cm. Original light blue wrappers. 32 p. Printed in black and light blue on cream-colored paper. Richly illustrated. All text pages underprinted with the blue Messier eagle. First edition. Soft crease in flyleaf, but a fine copy.

€ 75

* Elegant trade catalogue for the factory of airplane landing gear that was developed by George Messier (1896-1933), now Messier-Bugatti-Dowty.

6. (BESANT, Annie, & Jiddu KRISHNAMURTI). ZIEGLER, Franz Original photo of Besant and Krishnamurti sitting at a table in Eerde. Black-and-white photo with blindstamped name of the photographer: 'Ziegler Zwolle Holland'. Verso stamp: 'Copyrighted Star Publishing Trust Eerde-Ommen (Holland)' and handwritten 'Krishnamurti - A Besant'. About 1926. One corner creased, slight traces of use.

€ 50

* Besant is reading, Krishnamurti laughing. Nice spontaneous photo. Franz Ziegler (1893-1939) worked as Royal Photographer in The Hague from 1928-1939. In 1932 his photo studio and archives burnt out completely, therefore his older photos are rare.

7. CAMI Circulez! Texte officiel du Code de la Route. Illustré de cinquante dessins humoristiques de Pecquériaux avec une pré-farce en 4 actes de Cami. Paris, Denoel et Steele, 1930. Original boards with attractively decorated dust jacket. 124 p. First edition. Jacket has some tiny tears. Cover a bit browned, corners bumped, endpapers partly browned.

€ 20

* One of the many comical books by Henri Cami (1884-1958), this one about traffic, with funny illustrations.

8. CARNEGIE, Andrew Resolutions Passed by The Church Peace Union, Founded by Andrew Carnegie, at its First Meeting, February 10th, 1914. [New York], Church Peace Union, 1914. 38 x 28 cm. One sheet of Japanese paper, printed in red, lime and black on recto only. Two horizontal folds, a little wear.

€ 375

* A plea for world peace at the eve of the Great War. One of the first publications of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, at first called The Church Peace Union, founded by the Scottish-American billionaire Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919). Under the Resolutions a HANDWRITTEN DEDICATION by Andrew Carnegie to the Dutch Foreign Minister John Loudon: 'His Excellency Jonkheer J. Loudon with regards, Andrew Carnegie'. Attractively printed with an embellished frame and a red capital letter.

9. DOUGLAS, Lady Alfred (Olive Custance) I desire the moon. The diary of Lady Alfred Douglas (Olive Custance) 1905-1910. Introduced and annotated by Caspar Wintermans. Woubrugge, The Avalon Press, 2004. 27 x 16 cm. Original cloth with silk ribbon marker. 124 p. Printed on Simili Japon paper in 195 copies only. Illustrated. First edition. With prospect. Fine.

€ 80

* Amusing diary dating from 1905-1910 of Lord Alfred Douglas's wife Olive, full of interesting literary details (about Oscar Wilde, naturally, but also about William More Adey, Lord Berners, Wilfrid Blunt, Winstorn Churchill, Frank Danby, the extensive Douglas family, Ivor Guest, Robert Ross, G.S. Street, the Tennant family, Reginald Turner and many, many others). A beautiful, privately printed book, with scholarly (but very readable) notes by Alfred Douglas biographer Wintermans.

10. DOUGLAS, Lady Alfred (Olive Custance) I desire the moon. The diary of Lady Alfred Douglas (Olive Custance) 1905-1910. Introduced and annotated by Caspar Wintermans. Woubrugge, The Avalon Press, 2004. 27 x 16 cm. Original gilt vellum-backed boards with slipcase. 124 p. Printed on Simili Japon paper in 195 copies. This is one of 15 specially bound deluxe copies. Illustrated. First edition. With prospect. Fine.

€ 175

* Amusing diary dating from 1905-1910 of Lord Alfred Douglas's wife Olive, full of interesting literary details (about Oscar Wilde, naturally, but also about William More Adey, Lord Berners, Wilfrid Blunt, Winstorn Churchill, Frank Danby, the extensive Douglas family, Ivor Guest, Robert Ross, G.S. Street, the Tennant family, Reginald Turner and many, many others). A beautiful, privately printed book, with scholarly (but very readable) notes by Alfred Douglas biographer Wintermans. Rare deluxe copy.

11. DOUGLAS, Lord Alfred Oscar Wilde. A Plea and a Reminiscence Woubrugge, Avalon Pers, 2002. Large 8vo. Cloth. 56 p. Attractively printed by hand on Oud-Hollands paper in 250 numbered copies. With a prospect. First edition.

€ 50

* This fine bibliophile book contains a passionate article written by Lord Alfred Douglas in August, 1895, for his incarcerated friend Oscar Wilde, for the Mercure de France. However, the article was withdrawn at the last minute and long considered lost. A manuscript of the French translation survived and was re-translated into English. It is followed by Douglas' reminiscences of Wilde's last years in Paris. A first edition of Lord Alfred Douglas!

12. FARRAR, Frederic W. Eric, or Little by Little. London, A. & C. Black, 1911. Illustrated cloth. 304 p. Some vignettes. Reprint. Spine a bit discolored. Some foxing.

€ 16

* Charming edition of this classical children's book (first published 1858) in bright red cloth with an art nouveau design.

13. FARRAR, Frederic W. St. Winifred's - or the World of School. With illustrations by Gordon Browne. London, A. & C. Black, 1905. Illustrated cloth. xx, 436 p. Many illustrations and vignettes. Reprint. Cover only a little bit worn. Owner's stamp on flyleaf.

€ 18

* Pretty edition of this classical children's book (dating from 1862) with a boy handing a book to the Dean over a table laden with books. With preface by Farrar for the 19th edition of 1894.

14. FARRAR, Frederic W. Autograph Letter Signed, addressed to 'A.S. Huntington Esq.' and dated 'Montreal. Sept. 16' [1888]. Canadian postcard with printed stamp of 1 cent. 7,5 x 13,0 cm. Addressed to Syracuse, N.Y. 12 lines of text. Stamped on recto and verso. Glue trace on side from a collector's album.

€ 45

* 'The Redpath Lyceum Bureau of Boston have requested me to leave in their hands any arrangements for the lectures that I am to give in compliance with the many requests that have reached me. Will you be so good as to refer to them, and say that you wd like the lecture on Browning's Poems?' Frederick William Farrar (1831-1903), at that moment not yet Dean of Canterbury, was the author of the epochal children's book 'Eric, or Little by Little' (1858) and other stories of boarding school life.

15. FENNECKER, Friedrich 'Paar' (Couple). Original lithograph from Vier Zeilen. Herrenspende auf dem Berliner Presse-Ball 1928. Berlin, Verein Berliner Presse, 1928. One side pasted on fine colourful paper, like the 12 other lithographs (by different artists) in this series. 14,3 x 19,8 cm. Fine condition.

€ 25

* Unsteady couple seen from behind walking into the light, eyed by a bunch of girls.

16. FOWKES, Aubrey More Butterfly Days. London, The Fortune Press, 1958. Cloth. 184 p. First edition. Fine copy.

€ 18

* Growing-up novel by an author with a predilection for spanking on public schools.

17. HARLAND, Henry My Friend Prospero. A Novel. New York, McClure, Phillips & Co., 1904. Original gilt boards. (4), 318 p. Uncut. First Edition. Stamp on flyleaf, backstrip and cover a little discoloured.

€ 40

* Deluxe edition: one of 500 numbered copies with colored frontispice and a portrait of the author (with facsimile signature).

18. (HIRSCHFELD, Magnus). WILDENHAIN, Felix Liebe ein Naturgesetz. Ein Film-Vortrag über die Beziehungen zwischen Mann und Weib in der Natur. Without place and publisher, [1933]. 8 p. without cover as published, all printed in carmine. Illustrated. Slightly creased.

€ 35

* 'Unter Zugrundelegung der Forschungsergebnisse von Professor Haeckel (...), Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, Dr. Iwan Bloch, Havelock Ellis, (...) Artur Schopenhauer und Wolfgang von Goethe.' One would not expect Hirschfeld's and Bloch's name to be mentioned in a film advertisement from 1933!

19. MAUROIS, André Conseils à un jeune Français partant pour l'Angleterre. [Paris, Édouard Champion], (1927). Les Amis d'Édouard No. 118. Square 12mo. Original wrappers. (6), 34 p. Unopened. Printed in 257 numbered copies, of which this is one of 250 on Arches. First edition. Backstrip a touch discolored, otherwise fine.

€ 25

* With paragraphs about clothing, activity and justice ('N'assassine pas en Angleterre. Tu seras pendu.'). This copy is unnumbered. With a list of the first 117 books of the series.

20. MOORE, T. Sturge Nine poems. London, The Halcyon Press, 1930. Original cloth. Uncut. 38 p. Set from Lutetia type, printed in red and black on Pannekoek paper in 125 numbered copies. Flyleaves slightly foxed.

€ 22

* Publisher's address on title page: 'The Halcyon Press/ 101, Great Russell Street/ London W.C. I'. A number of copies had 'Maastricht' as imprint. Van Dijk 218.

21. MOORE, T. Sturge Selected Poems. Edited by Marie Sturge Moore. London, Macmillan, 1934. 8vo. Decorated cloth with dust jacket. x, 210 p. Embossed cover after a design by Charles Ricketts. With damaged dust jacket of the same design. First edition. Tiny spots on the edge.

€ 15

22. MORGAN, K. Phillips Nicht warten - wirken! Amerikas Glaube an Deutschland. Positive Vorschläge. München, Georg Müller, 1931. Original wrappers. First edition. 292 p. A bit browned.

€ 15

* 'Don't wait - work!' German politics of the interbellum seen by an American. Loud typographical cover in yellow, black and white.

23. OMAR KHAYYAM Rubaiyat. Metrisch vertaald door J.A. Vooren. Met een inleiding van L.Th. Lehmann. Amsterdam, C.P.J. van der Peet, 1955. Square 8vo. Vellum-backed boards. In marbled slipcase (slightly browned). X, 122 p. First edition of this translation. Spine a bit spotted.

€ 75

* Metrical translation into Dutch by J.A. Vooren with an introduction by L.Th. Lehmann. With an essay on Dutch Omar Khayyam translations. Apart from the ordinary edition one hundred copies were printed on Boston Tekst vergé and bound in half vellum, numbered I-V and 6-100. This is one of the five Roman numbered copies. Signed under the colophon, possibly by the publisher.

24. POUND, Ezra Canto xlix. Vertaald door H.C. ten Berge. (Bilingual edition), Wijhe, Hein Elferink, 1985. 26 x 16 cm. Original wrappers. 16 p. Printed in 50 copies. Signed by the translator.

€ 20

* Austere and attractive printing of this poem, with its translation into Dutch by H.C. ten Berge, and some notes in Dutch. With a prospect.

25. SCARRON, Paul Le combat des parques et des poëtes. Paris, Librairie des Bibliophiles, 1873. 32mo: 11 x 7 cm. Original yellow vellum wrappers. (4), 56 p. Uncut. Frontispice. Two tiny chips.

€ 25

* Attractive miniscule edition of a voluble harangue.

26. TEASDALE, Sara Liederen van Sara Teasdale vertaald door Albert Verwey. (Bilingual edition of 'Let it be forgotten' and other poems from Flame and Shadow with their Dutch translation). Amsterdam, LM, 1992. Original wrappers. 28 p. First edition.

€ 15

* Seven poems by Teasdale translated by Albert Verwey in 1926, but never published until this edition. Printed in a small number of copies for the 91st birthday of the translator's son, Gerlof Verwey (1901-1999), who sent the book out as a New Year's Wish.

27. URBANITZKY, Grete von Der wilde Garten. Leipzig, Hesse & Becker Verlag, 1927. Original cloth with dust jacket (very light wear) and advertising slip (belly band). 292 p. First edition.

€ 25

* A fine copy of this lesbian novel, with colourful, flashing dust jacket designed by Carl Streller.

28. WELLS, H.G. La perle de l'amour. Traduit de l'anglais par Odette Keun. Paris, La Connaissance, 1926. Les Bijoux Typographiques No. 7. Original white wrappers printed in blue. (2), 26 p. Uncut. Typography P. Knuttel, set in the Médiéval Hollandais printed in blue and black in 150 numbered copies on fine Canson-Montgolfier paper. Insignificant little stains on front cover.

€ 25

* Typographical gem with an impressive calligraphic initial 'P' by only 21-year old typographer Pieter Knuttel following the style of Charles Nypels. French translation of the short story 'The Pearl of Love', first published in 1925.

29. WESCOTT, Glenway Elizabeth Madox Roberts. A Personal Note. New York, The Viking Press, 1930. Original decorated wrappers. 28 p. First edition. Front cover a bit creased and damaged.

€ 40

* With a 3-line autograph SIGNED letter by the author.


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